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Race and Ethnicity in Connecticut, 2000-2010

The following pilot visualizations of 2010 Census data were developed using the Weave platform developed by the Open Indicators Consortium (OIC) working with faculty and students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The Connecticut Data Partnership is a founding member of the OIC and DataHaven is working closely with the Partnership to develop their statewide project at

For a complete description of the data sets used here, other sources of data from the Census Bureau, and descriptions of future data releases, please visit our main page on 2010 Census Resources.

Data Visualizations

Available at the County Subdivision (town) level, these maps allow users to select one or more geographies by clicking or dragging directly on the map. Use Control+Click to select multiple towns. Scroll over each town to view its characteristics.

Colors are based on absolute number population change since the 2000 Census. The color scheme varies for each map in order to best show the distribution of population change. It is dynamic, meaning that if you select a set of towns, right click and remove or add records, the color scheme will change.

Visualizations may take a minute to load, due to the large amount of data here- please be patient.

Total Change in Hispanic or Latino Population (of any Race), 2000-2010

Total Change in White, Not Hispanic Population, 2000-2010

Total Change in Black or African-American, Not Hispanic Population, 2000-2010

Total Change in Asian, Not Hispanic Population, 2000-2010