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  • Health Equity Alliance Startup Work Session Meeting (w/PowerPoint)

    This is the summary of the first meeting of the Health Equity Alliance. The notes summarize discussion about various questions related to community health and health equity. It also includes the PowerPoint about social determinants of health equity presented at the meeting.

    Sep. 25, 2009


  • Creating a Healthy New Haven

    The health trends that are profiled in this document, some positive and some negative, are intended to set the stage for local action aimed at addressing the social determinants of health and at reducing health inequities. They can be used to inform policy, inspire community involvement, and bring more resources to bear on local health improvements.

    Jul. 31, 2009

    All DataHaven Programs, Health

  • Creating a Healthy New Haven: Summary Data to Inform a Community Dialogue on Health

    This report is intended to provide information about the health of New Haven residents, particularly social determinants and inequities that exist. It is the summary for the New Haven Health Data Working Group's more extensive New Haven Health Data Atlas.

    Jul. 22, 2009

    All DataHaven Programs, Health

  • Community Mapping for Health Equity Advocacy

    This report is one in a series of papers with best practices for using maps to promote health equity.

    Jun. 30, 2009


  • Combining Regional- and Local-Scale Air Quality Models with Exposure Models for Use in Environmental Health Studies

    This study provides a new way to measure pollution levels. The method combines different air quality models and population exposure models to get a more versatile measurement of pollution, with spatial and temporal dimensions. Analysis of data showed that there is more pollution near industrial centers and roadways.

    Apr. 30, 2009


  • Report re: Traffic Safety at Yale University (2009)

    This collaborative report from Yale University and the City of New Haven uses statistics on traffic-related fatalities/injuries and traffic safety initiatives to draw attention to the importance of such initiatives in New Haven.

    Mar. 9, 2009

    Economy, Health