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  • Connecticut Health Data Collaborative

    Excerpt describing the data collaborative from February 2017 Status Report:

    Sep. 28, 2017

    Economy, Health

  • Elm City growth exception to CT slow growth

    [Excerpt from full news article] Updated population projections released by the Connecticut State Data Center at the University of Connecticut predicted slow growth overall, but with interior cities such as New Haven experiencing comparatively faster growth.

    Sep. 18, 2017


  • Resources for Collecting Connecticut Data

    Often, we receive general questions about collecing and using local data, or creating a system for doing so. The resources listed here are intended to provide guidance in this area. 1. Connecticut Open Data Guides

    Sep. 15, 2017

  • The Hub of the Wheel

    [Excerpt] “Transportation is a civil rights issue,” Mayor Toni Harp announced at a public meeting in January 2014. “It’s an economic development issue. It’s a jobs issue.” The data agrees.

    Sep. 10, 2017

    All DataHaven Programs, Economy

  • Fairfield Foundation Hopes To Steer Vulnerable Youth Onto Path Of Opportunity

    [Excerpt from full radio segment] "A Connecticut foundation says economic inequality is creating stark disparities in education and employment opportunities for young people across Fairfield County. Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has tracked this trend through its Community Wellbeing Index, which it created with DataHaven.   

    Sep. 7, 2017

    All DataHaven Programs, Economy

  • As State Ages, Havens For Young Will Grow

    [Note: This article/op-ed was originally posted in the New Haven Independent on September 5, 2017.] by CAMILLE SEABERRY & MARK ABRAHAM 

    Sep. 6, 2017

    Demographics, Housing