Connecticut Data Jobs

This is a page for job postings from our partner organizations whose responsibilities include the use of public data resources (i.e., federal, state, and local data) for research, planning, and evaluation in Connecticut or adjacent areas of nearby states. While we attempt to verify accuracy of postings based on readily available information, we are not responsible for the accuracy of content here. Please note that, as with many community-based websites that share links to job opportunities, information posted here is shared in order to help reach area residents and we do not charge for postings. The content is not necessarily contributed by or approved by the partner organizations listed and may not represent the most current information available. Note: DataHaven positions are posted at

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Recent Public Data-Related Job Postings in CT

Last revised October 10 2018

MetroHartford Alliance - Director of Research, Economic Development

Responsibilities include: Identifying current and emerging issues related to MetroHartford Alliance programs and initiatives. Collecting data, conducting research and developing briefing materials on potential actions to address these issues. Conducting analysis and gathering data to identify causes of current and potential future issues and makes recommendations to decision-makers. For details, see

The RISE Network - Applied Data Strategist and Data Analyst (2 job postings)

The RISE Network is a Connecticut-based non-profit organization with a mission to empower educators to achieve breakthrough results, helping all students realize and achieve their full potential. RISE facilitates networked improvement communities by bringing together educators working in different contexts to advance shared goals. Together, we build community, democratize innovation, and improve systems in public schools and districts. The RISE data positions play an integral role in advancing the Network’s research and analytic functions. RISE is seeking talented and highly motivated individuals to serve on a team collaborating with school districts to build data tools, systems, and practices to improve student outcomes. This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who thrives in an entrepreneurial environment, and is passionate about closing achievement gaps and developing the potential of all students regardless of life circumstance. To view the postings, see

Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments - GIS Planning Assistant

The GIS Planning Assistant position will provide planning and technical support for a variety of environmental and transportation planning projects. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to create and maintain databases, prepare technical written reports, and be proficient in Geographic Information Systems. See for details.

CT School Finance Project: Data and Policy Positions

CTSFP is looking for talented individuals with data and/or policy backgrounds.

Selected CT Data Careers Pages

These are a few pages where we have seen jobs posted related to Connecticut data, research, and evaluation. In addition, many national job boards, such as Idealist, regularly post jobs related to public data use that are located in Connecticut.: