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SectorsHealth, Civic Vitality
TopicsHealth Equity Alliance
StreetChapel st.
CityNew Haven



DataHaven is the nonprofit public service organization that serves as a community indicators information hub for the Greater New Haven Region.


DataHaven is a nonprofit public service organization that serves as a community indicators information hub for the Greater New Haven Region.

In 2012, DataHaven completed the Greater New Haven Community Wellbeing Survey, believed to be the largest and most comprehensive survey ever conducted in the metropolitan area. See for more information.

In 2013, DataHaven, in partnership with community and institutional leaders throughout the region, completed the Greater New Haven Community Index 2013, a unified assessment of population change, economics, health, and civic life in the Greater New Haven area. Please see for more information.

Please visit the DataHaven website at Follow DataHaven on Twitter at More detailed information about DataHaven history, staff, and programs can be found at


DataHaven's Goals include:

  • To engage the general public as well as civic and community-based institutions, the media, business and government in better understanding the region's key challenges and opportunities through shared access to high quality, objective data.
  • To facilitate measuring progress toward the community's goals over time.
  • To compile high-quality information and make DataHaven resources accessible to all levels of neighborhood, community, civic and regional groups through effective outreach about the use of data to improve policy and affect positive social change.

Selected News Articles About DataHaven

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6. Valley Street Ready To “Connect” (NH Independent, 1/21/2011)

7. "Stop & Shop to open on Whalley Ave. in New Haven" (NH Register, 2/2/2011)

8. More Latinos, Fewer Whites And Blacks (NH Independent, 3/10/11)

9. Census 2010: New Haven Has Fastest Growth Rate Among Major Northeastern U.S. Cities (Updated) (Design New Haven, 3/24/11)

10. New Haven crime real, danger ranking is not: Op-ed on crime statistics (NH Register, 6/5/11) and

11. Crime rankings create false negative picture of cities like New Haven, experts say (NH Register, 1/15/12)

12. Hey, Gloomy Gus: City Sees Better Days Ahead (NH Independent, 1/21/13) Article about Greater New Haven Community Wellbeing Survey

13. City Youth Face Uphill Battle (Yale Daily News, 2/6/13) Article about Greater New Haven Community Wellbeing Survey and related youth issues.

14. Job Access limited in New Haven (print version title), Yale Daily News, 10.15.13,

15. High school graduation rates up despite gap, Yale Daily News, 10.10.13,

16. Obesity plagues Elm City, Yale Daily News, 10.09.13,

17. Elm City combats infant mortality, Yale Daily News, 10.11.13,

18. Speaking by the numbers, Yale Daily News, 10.11.13,

19. Dive into data, New Haven Independent, 10.07.13,

20. Elm City disparities persist, Yale Daily News, 10.04.13,

21. Report finds Greater New Haven region among better-performing metropolitan areas, New Haven Register, 10.03.13, Article about Greater New Haven Community Index

22. Local panel discusses data as a tool for Greater New Haven, New Haven Register, 12.11.13,

23. Big Data Backs Up Hunches—& Offers Some Surprises, New Haven Independent, 12.12.13,

24. A New Haven citywide diet? Let the healthful eating begin, New Haven Register, 1.10.14,

25. Needs for investment in New Haven housing grows, New Haven Register, 1.25.14,

26. ‘Data in Action’ convenes community leaders, Yale Daily News, 1.31.14,

27. For Your Information, Daily Nutmeg, 2.11.14, Daily Nutmeg profile of DataHaven history and services.

28. New Haven divided by growing income disparity, New Haven Register, 2.22.14,

29. In Greater New Haven suburbs, immigrants on front lines of growing poverty, New Haven Register, 5.10.14,

30. Song, Deanna. Op-ed: Connecting more people to work in Greater New Haven, CT Mirror, 5.21.14

31. Transportation Drives Job Inequality, Yale Daily News, 9.2.14,

32. Rally Seeks Local Hiring for Living Wage Jobs, New Haven Independent, 9.10.14,

33. New Haven alders review health data, aim to help residents lead longer lives, New Haven Register, 10.6.14

34. What the Doctor Ordered: Urban Farming, NY Times, 11.07.14

35. Access to transportation in Greater New Haven key for employment, COG study finds, New Haven Register, 11.23.14

36. Report: Transit’s Not Keeping Up With “Job Sprawl,” New Haven Independent, 1.16.15

37. Report: Lack of transportation in Greater New Haven keeps people out of workforce, New Haven Register, 1.16.15

38. Immigrants Make New Haven Connecticut's Fastest-Growing City, WNPR, 1.21.15

39. Local Immigrants Thrive; Majority Here Legally, New Haven Independent, 1.21.15

40. Los Inmigrantes locales prosperan; la mayoría son residentes legales, La Voz Hispana, 1.26.15

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