DataHaven Five Connecticuts (5CT) CT Data and Town Groups 2010

The Five Connecticuts (5CT) are a classification system, originally developed in 2004 by Don Levy, Orlando Rodriguez, and Wayne Villemez, to allow better comparisons across Connecticut's geographical areas. Using statistical methods, the 169 towns of Connecticut are grouped into one of five categories based on analysis of demographic variables.

The Five Connecticuts (5CT) were updated by Don Levy and DataHaven in 2015, using 2010 census data. The updated (2010) classifications are provided in the attached file.

When looking at social or demographic data, conditions in a town are often similar to the average of the towns within its 5CT group. Given the small size of some Connecticut towns, this makes the classification system especially useful in cases where reliable data are not available for individual towns.

Please cite the attached file as follows: "Levy, Don and DataHaven. (2015): Five Connecticuts 2010 Update. Produced for Siena College Research Institute and DataHaven based on the original method of assigning designations used in Levy, Don, Orlando Rodriguez, and Wayne Villemez. 2004. The Changing Demographics of Connecticut - 1990 to 2000. Part 2: The Five Connecticuts. Storrs, Connecticut: University of Connecticut SDC Series, no. OP 2004-01. Published by DataHaven."