Technical Assistance and Media Inquiries

Each year, DataHaven provides over $25,000 worth of free technical assistance to hundreds of local and statewide non-profit organizations, researchers, journalists, and government agencies. We primarily assist these organizations by answering questions about public data sources (our own, or from federal or Connecticut statewide or local sources), connecting organizations with community-based experts or topic experts, and by supporting grant writing, data development, and other research activities. DataHaven occasionally provides "Connecticut data workshop" training sessions for local organizations and the general public. 

To facilitate the process of requesting technical assistance, please select from the options below - they are really the fastest way to reach us.

Technical Assistance for Organizations and Agencies

Thank you for your interest in DataHaven. If you are eligible for assistance, our Executive Director, Mark Abraham, and staff will work to help you find the most useful data for your program or project.

Complete our technical assistance questionnaire by sending us an email ( containing the following information:

  • Your personal information, including: Name, Title, Organization, Email, Phone Number.
  • Whom does your organization serve?
  • What data do you need?
  • What do you plan to do with this data? (What are you trying to demonstrate, or what is your research question)?
  • Have you already reviewed the information on the DataHaven website, including our Connecticut Data Guides and Town Equity Reports?
  • What information sources have you already looked at?
  • If you are planning to use this information to apply for a grant or other time-sensitive publication, please include information on where you are sending it and what the due date is.

DataHaven reserves the right to determine your eligibility for assistance and our own ability to help. We will generally provide up to one hour of free technical assistance per year for any non-profit organization or government entity in Connecticut; additional technical assistance is available but may require a fee for services agreement or contract. We are often able to answer simple questions that students or independent researchers may have about the information on our website, but we are generally not staffed to provide free assistance for individuals or to answer requests related to other independent projects. Please submit requests as far in advance as possible. While we often respond quickly, it may take us up to 2-3 weeks to receive and process your request, and our availability to provide assistance is contingent on staff availability.

Media Inquiries

DataHaven works with many journalists and news media outlets each year. Thank you for your interest in DataHaven, and for your work to help provide high-quality information to the public.

If you are a journalist working for a major (citywide or statewide) media organization, please email us at with information including your name, title, media outlet, business address, email, phone number and information on what data you need, what you plan to do with the data, what information sources you have already considered, and publication deadline (if any).  Our Executive Director, Mark Abraham, will try to respond to your request as soon as possible.

General Contact Information and List of Services

Please see our contact page for more information, as well as our page about services we provide.