Demographic Characteristics of Households Below Economic Self-Sufficiency in Connecticut, 2019

From the report introduction:

"This report, [prepared for CT Office of Health Strategy], accompanies the release of the Connecticut Self-Sufficiency Standard for 2019. It offers detailed data and analysis to help shape policies in Connecticut that support families. These data are also the building blocks of a new Connecticut HealthCare Affordability Standard that will be released in 2020."

"The report addresses several questions:

  • How many individuals and families in Connecticut are working, yet are unable to meet their basic needs?
  • Where do people with inadequate income live and what are the characteristics of their households?
  • What are the education and employment patterns among those with inadequate income?

We find that Connecticut families struggling to make ends meet are neither a small nor a marginal group, but rather represent a substantial proportion of the state. Those struggling to make ends meet in Connecticut include individuals and married couples with children, households in which adults work full time, and people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds."