The new ecosystem of health data keeps getting bigger: Tipsheet on public health datasets available from CMS

This file is a collection of links to public health datasets maintained by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as other Federal agencies. An excerpt from the file, posted by Charles Ornstein on Google Drive in December 2016:

"Updated December 2016. Each year, the release of new datasets makes it more exciting to cover health care. No longer are we limited to comparing states to one another to look for differences. No longer are doctors’ practice patterns protected by outdated privacy rules. We have entered an era in which we can compare one doctor to another. And what we’re learning is that there are huge, seemingly unexplainable, differences among them. This tip sheet offers both very broad data sources, as well as more granular ones. None of the data sets cover individual claims-level data, which require special permissions and often cost a lot of money."