Waterbury Active Transportation and Economic Resurgence 2014 TIGER application

This document is the successful Waterbury, CT FY 2014 TIGER Capital Project Grant Application, submitted by the City of Waterbury. The project is now underway.

From the application: The Waterbury Active Transportation and Economic Resurgence (WATER) project is potentially the biggest catalytic project to be undertaken by the City of Waterbury in the past 50 years. WATER is a multi-faceted mobility enhancement project that will revitalize Waterbury’s river/rail corridor neighborhoods and downtown center and drive the economic resurgence of the City and region. This bold project proposes to construct an integrated system of “active transportation” improvements including: a downtown riverfront trail, a reconstructed and expanded network of local streets, and a comprehensive array of pedestrian/bicycle safety improvements and linkages, all designed to better connect downtown to the historic McKim, Mead & White designed train station and riverfront. These improvements will serve to complement on-going City and State investments in downtown revitalization, brownfield reclamation and provision of expanded transit options at the train station. WATER will benefit all of Waterbury’s 110,000 residents by improving connections between neighborhoods, jobs, schools and green spaces.