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  • DataHaven Celebrates 20 Years of Service to Greater New Haven; Community Wellbeing Survey Seeks to Measure Local Quality of Life

    DataHaven Celebrates 20 Years of Service to Greater New Haven; Community Wellbeing Survey Seeks to Measure Local Quality of Life(New Haven, CT) August 28, 2012: Beginning in September and continuing through October, more than 1,300 adults living throughout Greater New Haven will be interviewed by phone about wellbeing within their community.

    Sep. 4, 2012

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  • Improving Delivery of Pubic Services

    This report focuses on finding longer-term solutions to the effective and efficient delivery of public services in Connecticut. Connecticut’s local expenditures (now at $12 billion per year) have been growing faster than the median income in Connecticut, which makes it especially important to take alcloser look at how municipal and education services are delivered on a local level. This is part 4 of a six-part series, "Framework for Connecticut's Fiscal Future."

    Feb. 1, 2012

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  • Crime rankings create false negative picture of cities like New Haven, experts say

    [Excerpt] Mark Abraham, executive director of DataHaven in New Haven, said tens of thousands of people visit New Haven every day and 28,000 more commute here to work. Also, despite having 80,000 jobs within its borders, many New Haven residents go elsewhere for jobs, as others stream in. New Haven also had a 5 percent increase in population between 2000 and 2010.

    Jan. 14, 2012

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  • Public safety concerns in our neighborhoods are legitimate, but 24/7 Wall Street’s “Most Dangerous Cities” ranking is not

    The article below appeared as an op-ed in the Sunday, June 5, 2011 New Haven Register, but it is applicable to cities throughout Connecticut and the United States. Please check this page for additional footnotes and detail on data sources.

    Jun. 4, 2011

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  • New Haven crime real, danger ranking is not

    [Excerpt] As a municipality, New Haven is highly unusual: Despite being home to 80,000 jobs, it is so small in land area that most of its working residents are employed in other towns, and vice versa. When comparing places, good researchers define a city not as a municipality, but as the place where, by standard methodology, the majority of people live, work and shop.

    Jun. 3, 2011

    Public Safety

  • Connecticut Traffic Accident Facts 2008

    The data in this report comes from accident reports filed with the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Additional factors such as alcohol, tractor-trailers, pedestrians, and motorcycles are noted as well. The results are analyzed in terms of time of day, time of year, and environmental factors.

    Apr. 30, 2011

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