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  • DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey

    Connecticut Residents Once Again Urged to "Pick Up the Phone!" to Support Largest-Ever Survey – Over 75 Leading Foundations, Hospitals, and Local Agencies Join DataHaven InitiativeThe DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey traces its roots to a series of grassroots and locally-based efforts launched over the past decade to gather information on and promote regional well-being and quality of life. With guidance from DataHaven and partner organizations throughout Connecticut, these area surveys have grown substantially each year in size and quality, and have become increasingly coordinated.

    Aug. 28, 2020

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  • New DataHaven classroom materials aim to inspire conversations on social change and community well-being through four thematic approaches: gender, race, health, and civics

    In recent months, districts have been moving to integrate updated materials and re-examined practices to ensure a more equitable education for every student. Educators serve an important role in empowering youth and giving them the proper tools to effect change in their communities.

    Aug. 15, 2020

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  • DataHaven Classroom Resources and Materials

    DataHaven prides itself in empowering people to create thriving communities by collecting and ensuring access to data on well-being, equity, and quality of life. The classroom is a fundamental and formative space where understanding of social justice, human rights, equity, and community well-being is fostered. Educators serve a pivotal role in empowering and informing youth, encouraging their voices and giving them the proper tools to enact change in their communities. We want to help provide educators with materials and resources to support these endeavors. 

    Jul. 27, 2020

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  • Pandemic highlights need for a renewed statewide focus on food sufficiency

    This article by Chloe Shawah features an analysis of food insecurity in Connecticut, as well as a resident-led video produced by DataHaven and Purple States. View the full piece at

    Jul. 16, 2020

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  • Newsletter: Understanding COVID-19 - New Data Stories, Community Video Series, and COVID-19 Dashboard Features

    New Data Stories: Staff Op-Eds Unpack COVID-19 Data and Health Inequities Click here for our latest data stories. Let the DataHaven staff unpack COVID-19 data and health inequity in our latest contributions to the Connecticut Mirror... Food Insecurity:

    Jul. 15, 2020

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  • Racial disparities persist in Connecticut’s COVID-19 outbreak, prompting concern about effects of potential second wave

    [Excerpt from front-page article by Alex Putterman, Hartford Courant, 7/13/20] Amid persistent racial disparities in Connecticut’s COVID-19 outbreak, advocates worry the state will again struggle to protect Black and Latino residents during a potential second wave of the disease this fall.

    Jul. 13, 2020

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