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  • Assessment of Connecticut’s Correction, Parole, and Probation Systems

    A consulting company was recruited to study the state's correction, parole, and probation systems. In addition to reviewing past studies, they carried out interviews with stakeholders. This research was used to develop findings and recommendations that could be used to improve the criminal justice system in Connecticut.This report is part 2 of a six-part series, "Framework for Connecticut's Fiscal Future."

    Jul. 31, 2010

    Public Safety

  • NHPS Learning Environment Surveys

    The NHPS conducted a survey of teachers, students, and parents to learn about attitudes toward learning, engagement, and safety in schools. This press release contains school-by-school results which show the variation between schools in the district.

    Jul. 19, 2010


  • 2010 New Haven Neighborhood Quality of Life Survey & Workshops (Westville)

    A survey was conducted to assess the strengths of neighborhoods in order to develop "Action Plans." This Powerpoint focuses on the results related to Westville, including demographics, community, safety, and transportation.

    Jul. 10, 2010

    All DataHaven Programs, Civic Vitality

  • Designing a High-Speed Rail Service

    This report details how a high-speed rail system could be best implemented in the Northeast.

    Jun. 30, 2010


  • CARE Community Dialogues Report 2009

    These community dialogues were organized after CARE finished conducting its 2009 health survey in order to share the survey results, with a focus on the information particularly relevant to each neighborhood.

    Jun. 30, 2010


  • NHPS School Learning Environment Survey 2009-2010

    The NHPS's school change efforts included a School Learning Environment Survey, geared toward teachers, students, and parents.

    Jun. 30, 2010