New Data Stories: Staff Op-Eds Unpack COVID-19 Data and Health Inequities

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Let the DataHaven staff unpack COVID-19 data and health inequity in our latest contributions to the Connecticut Mirror...

Food Insecurity:

Read Chloe Shawah's article, "Pandemic highlights need for a renewed statewide focus on food sufficiency" by clicking here

Opioid Epidemic:

Read John Park's article, "With over 1,000 Connecticut deaths last year, opioids demand even greater attention during the pandemic" by clicking here .

Housing and Homelessness:

Read Numi Katz's article, "The fight for a more equal Connecticut begins at home: reimagining pandemic housing policy" by clicking here .

Health Equity:

Read Mark Abraham and Aparna Nathan's article, "New data and resident stories must inform Connecticut's roadmap for recovery" by clicking here .

Powering Healthy Lives: Video Series Highlights Residents for Health Equity

DataHaven and Purple States are producing a four-part series, COVID-19 Reckonings, with residents of Connecticut communities hardest hit by the pandemic because of long-standing inequities. You can watch the first three episodes below:

Episode One: "More Exposure"

Aziya Ricard and New Haven residents explain how COVID-19 puts CT's most vulnerable communities at risk. Click here to watch.

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Episode Two: "Deadlier"

Follow Wanda, as she discusses homelessness and housing insecurity during the pandemic. Click here to watch.

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Episode Three: "Greater Harm During Shutdown"

This episode, we reconnect with Wanda to witness how COVID-19 has placed vulnerable residents at risk. Click hereto watch.

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New Health Equity Report Informs COVID-19 Conversation:

ICYMI: Access our new Health Equity Report at

CT Mirror:

"Study highlights worsening disparities amid COVID-19 pandemic", Jenna Carlesso (7/6/2020)

Connecticut Post:

"Coronavirus more deadly for Blacks and Hispanics, exposes inequity", Bill Cummings (6/26/2020)

Hartford Courant:

"Racial disparities persist in Connecticut's COVID-19 outbreak, prompting concern about effects of potential second wave", Alex Putterman (7/13/2020)

WNHH Community Radio:

DataHaven's Kelly Davila Interviewed by Babz Rawls-Ivy (6/26/2020)

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Coming Soon

Roundtable discussion on housing and health equity: Join DataHaven and Desegregate CT for a conversation between legislators, advocates, and community members to discuss housing policy reform.

Statewide COVID-19 rapid-response survey: Thanks to support from our statewide partners and sponsors, DataHaven will be fielding a special wave of its Community Wellbeing Survey this summer. The survey conducts in-depth, live interviews with thousands of randomly-selected adults to measure changes in the health, well-being, and financial security of Connecticut.

COVID-19 Dashboard

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We are excited to share "new" features:

Test Positivity Rates:

Track test positivity rates, or the percentage of tests administered that come back positive, as CT aims to have a positivity rate as low as possible per WHO recommendations.

Mobility Charts:

As the state eases restrictions of travel and movement, CT residents increase their average daily mobility.

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