Excerpt from September 22, 2016 article by Jen Cardines:

The Community Foundation of Greater New Britain (CFGNB), the Hospital for Special Care, and the Hospital of Central Connecticut hosted a community health needs forum and exchange on Tuesday, Sept. 13 to discuss the results from a recent community survey. CFGNB program and scholarship associate Kaylah Smith said, “This is a collaborative effort to get information out into the community.”

The CFGNB, which encompasses New Britain, Berlin, Plainville, and Southington, produced a grant to DataHaven to conduct a well-being survey for the community. According to the CFGNB website, the survey interviewed more than 16,000 state residents, including approximately 1,000 residents in Berlin, New Britain, Plainville and Southington. The survey is done every three years and focuses on three key areas: community health, quality and safety, and the general operations of organizations.

During open discussion, New Britain YMCA executive director Robin Sharp said, “Our zip code has a higher effect on how long we are going to live than our genes.” Her statement was derived from survey statistics that showed lower income families struggling to meet basic needs. Longevity rates are usually dependent on income status and neighborhoods.

With this information, the organizations involved with the study can move forward finding ways to address problems and implement solutions in the community. The Community Foundation will use the study’s results as part of its strategic planning process, and will share the study with local school districts and municipal officials for their own planning purposes.