Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessment Report 2016

Adapted from the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center CHNA report's Executive Summary:
The start of this Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) would likely be defined as the first meeting we had as a team back in March of 2015. But really it began as soon as the last CHNA was published in 2013. The lessons learned from that experience informed our approach and led us to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health Investment Model, which provides a framework for understanding the volumes of available data. We also had the benefit of the DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, which provides significant input from community members. And, a “Community Conversation” held in the fall with leaders and residents to help clarify priorities. 
Priority areas of focus and key findings:
  • Survey respondents report being impacted by:
  1. Obesity (69%)
  2. Diabetes (68%)
  3. Heart Disease (51%)
  4. Substance Abuse (39%)
  • 54% of Hartford residents said it was not safe to walk in their neighborhood.
  • Housing stability is a critical concern with only 26% of residents owning homes.
  • Mental Health is one of the top 5 reasons for hospitalization.
  • Substance Abuse is a problem in urban and rural settings and accounts for 13% of hospital admissions.
  • Youth and Adult Tobacco Use is similar at 16% of the population.
  • Above all, poverty is seen as the main reason people suffer with poor health.
What became clear as we listened to the community and looked further into the data is that improvements in health will only take place when solutions are designed to be sustainable; when the varied priorities of communities are valued; and when the systems that need improvement are changed. We look forward to finding those solutions and impacting the health and well-being of those who live in our community. Approved and adopted by the Saint Francis Board of Directors June 22, 2016.