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  • Invisible in Data, Excluded from Research

    This literature review aims to address the ongoing erasure of LGBTQ+ people in datasets by comparing public and private databases and measuring how often SOGI data are collected and which specific SOGI questions are asked. We examine whether data were collected based on the following categories: sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, etc.); transgender identity; nonbinary identity; two-spirit identity; and intersex status. The goals of this document are to visualize data invisibility and assist researchers and activists in accessing datasets on LGBTQ+ populations.

    June 04, 2024

  • June 04, 2024

  • Uplifting Community: LGBTQ+ Dedicated Funds Across New England

    [Excerpt from feature article by Rob Phelps, May 13, 2024] All across New England, LGBTQ+ organizations do amazing, life-affirming, often lifesaving work to support our community. But who’s supporting them? For pro-LGBTQ+ programs and initiatives to survive and thrive, they need support too.  Stepping up to offer that support are dedicated funds throughout our six New England states—some based within major philanthropic foundations, others scrappy grassroots orgs themselves, all sharing similar missions to uplift all LGBTQ+ people in our region. [....]

    May 31, 2024

  • DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey examples used in Hartford report photo credit Studio Kudos

    DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey

    The DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey traces its roots to a series of grassroots and locally-based efforts launched over the past decade to gather information on and promote regional well-being and quality of life. With guidance from DataHaven and partner organizations throughout Connecticut, these area surveys have grown substantially each year in size and quality, and have become increasingly coordinated. Please contact us for additional information.

    May 11, 2024

  • Answer the Call to Improve Your Community: DataHaven and Partners Urge Residents to Participate in Landmark Wellbeing Survey of Connecticut

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Answer the Call to Improve Your Community”: DataHaven and Partners Urge Residents to Participate in Landmark Wellbeing Survey of Connecticut  Thousands of randomly-selected residents from all 169 Connecticut towns will participate in the 2024 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, the seventh wave of a large survey on happiness and quality of life that has been fielded since 2012

    May 07, 2024

  • Connecticut House and Senate district data viewer

    Connecticut State Legislative District Profiles

    Connecticut State Legislative District Profiles With support from public and private partners, DataHaven has maintained neighborhood and community profiles and maps for over 20 years. We have updated these with the latest census and other datasets, and with the most current data visualization technology that is responsive to viewing on various devices.

    April 19, 2024