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    DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey

    Connecticut Residents Once Again Urged to "Pick Up the Phone!" to Support Largest-Ever Survey – Over 75 Leading Foundations, Hospitals, and Local Agencies Join DataHaven InitiativeThe DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey traces its roots to a series of grassroots and locally-based efforts launched over the past decade to gather information on and promote regional well-being and quality of life. With guidance from DataHaven and partner organizations throughout Connecticut, these area surveys have grown substantially each year in size and quality, and have become increasingly coordinated.

    May 11, 2024

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    Health Equity in Connecticut 2023

    Health Equity in Connecticut 2023 is a new status report on health in Connecticut that includes information gathered from statewide and national mortality records, the DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey of randomly-selected adults throughout Connecticut, census data, and other sources. Please read our August 23, 2023 press release here.

    August 23, 2023

  • Connecticut coronavirus data DataHaven

    COVID-19 in Connecticut: Data Analysis

    In response to requests from local partners, DataHaven developed a report (see below) with our original analyses and visualizations of public data related to the coronavirus pandemic. Initially published in March 2020, the report was frequently updated as new data were posted through June 2022. Further updates will be done less frequently or on request. We have also created many other charts and datasets available on request.

    June 06, 2022

  • 2021 DataHaven survey of Connecticut data graphic of pandemic economic impacts

    Survey results quantify how each Connecticut town experienced the pandemic throughout 2021

    PRESS RELEASE - February 13, 2022 Since February 2020, nearly a quarter of Connecticut households had a member lose a job, but about one-third of households in Bridgeport, Stamford, and Waterbury faced that outcome. But even in towns like Milford and Greenwich, about one in seven households were affected by job loss.

    February 12, 2022

  • DataHaven survey Connecticut trust in institutions

    Survey of 5,145 randomly-selected Connecticut adults in Summer 2021 reveals improvements in financial well-being, changes in mask-wearing and vaccination rates, concerns about gun violence during the pandemic

    Update: The full 2021 dataset, based on over 9,000 interviews conducted through the end of 2021, is discussed in a February 2022 data release. PDF version of October 2021 press release, which was based on the initial 5,145 interviews conducted from June to August of 2021:

    October 06, 2021

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    Powering Healthy Lives in Connecticut

    Videos and Films Local Data Analysis About the Project

    January 15, 2021