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  • Report re: Traffic Safety at Yale University (2009)

    This collaborative report from Yale University and the City of New Haven uses statistics on traffic-related fatalities/injuries and traffic safety initiatives to draw attention to the importance of such initiatives in New Haven.

    Mar. 9, 2009

    Economy, Health

  • State of the Workforce 2008

    This iteration of the Workforce Alliance's State of the Workforce report focuses on the role that post-secondary education (particularly community college) plays in training the workforce.

    Dec. 31, 2008


  • Bus Transit Needs Analysis — Connecticut 2007

    This study is a plan for bus service investments that will support the future economic development of Connecticut. It identifies the range of benefits of investing in bus transit and determines how investing in these improvements to today’s bus infrastructure will contribute to job access, emerging intra- and inter-state markets, smart growth, economic development, environmental quality, and congestion relief. 

    Dec. 31, 2007


  • Information for Workforce Investment Planning — 2007

    This report focuses on the South Central Workforce Investment Area, centered around New Haven. This publication includes data on Connecticut’s population, its labor force, industry employment and wages, employment by town, and on persons with barriers to employment.

    Dec. 31, 2007


  • Connecticut Leads the Nation in Multiple Measures of Income Inequality

    According to Census data, Connecticut had greater income inequaity than all other states, with its household income distribution still growing. This report from Conneticut Voices for Children analyzes these statistics using Gini Coefficients of Inequality.

    Oct. 31, 2007


  • Dec. 31, 2006