CT Open Data Guide: Civic Vitality

DataHaven Resources

Some of our most popular resources for civic engagement data include:

  1. DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey - numerous survey questions related to civic engagement, social cohesion, and community resources produce local-level data about Connecticut that is not available from any other source.

  2. 2016 Connecticut Civic Health Index - a report on statewide measures of community engagement and civic participation, authored by DataHaven.

  3. Greater New Haven Community Index , Greater Hartford Community Wellbeing Index, Fairfield County Community Wellbeing Index - and other data reports in the Reports section of the DataHaven website.

  4. DataHaven Connecticut Town Equity Reports - more detailed reports and maps for all 169 towns in Connecticut, focusing on local differences in equity and well-being.


Some of our favorite outside sources of civic data

  1. Connecticut’s Secretary of the State website publishes election and voting statistics online. Access voter registration and election turnout data by town for all elections since 2000.

  2. Data on local, statewide, and national nonprofit organizations at the National Center for Charitable Statistics: http://nccs.urban.org/, which has a variety of current databases and tools including report builders that allow users to download data by geographic area within Connecticut.

  3. 2011 Connecticut Civic Health Index - a report on statewide measures of community engagement and civic participation.

  4. The Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan polling and research institute that researches public opinion of issues facing the nation. Data are only available at a national level.

  5. "The state of CT’s cities and towns in charts," at https://ctmirror.org/2017/08/14/the-state-of-cts-cities-and-towns-in-charts/ features tables on charts on municipal revenue, education spending, debt statistics and other data relevant for civic engagement.

  6. Making Places / Connecticut Mills, at https://connecticutmills.org/, is an exceptionally detailed inventory of mills in all Connecticut towns. Click on the map to view mills, machine workshops, and other industrial sites that were and still are critical to the development of nearly every Connecticut town.

View additional data sources on childhood and education, including maps and links to external sources, on our Data Resources page. Or contact us to suggest other sources we should feature.