[Excerpt] Grubbs and others from the community gathered at the Institute Library on Chapel Street Wednesday evening to talk about that report, the Greater New Haven Community Index 2013, and about its real-world implications in New Haven.

A not-for-profit group called DataHaven published the index. It explored questions like whether you live close to transportation, how often you use the library, whether you are obese and feel safe in your neighborhood. The survey favored social data to try to give a picture of people’s sense of overall well-being, security, and hope in their neighborhoods and daily lives.
The index is based on the U. S. Census Bureau 2011 American Community survey as well as an unprecedented 2600 randomly selected phone interviews and measures not only economic well being, health, transportation issues, and civic life in New Haven but the inner and outer suburbs from Milford to Madison.
It could constitute the basis both for collective action and measuring progress, said the lead author, DataHaven’s Executive Director Mark Abraham.