[Excerpt] "For added context, the review included findings from DataHaven’s Community Wellbeing Survey. This phone survey was taken with more than 16,000 randomly selected adults throughout the state and 800 in the city of New Haven between April and October 2015.

“We are actually seeing (increased) feelings of safety in all of the neighborhoods,” Santilli said. “We saw a dramatic decline in people feeling unsafe.” The survey found that 14 percent of residents feel unsafe walking in daytime and 55 percent feel unsafe walking at night. Both of these figures are down since the 2012 study, which found 30 percent felt unsafe walking in the daytime and 66 felt unsafe walking at night.

Food security is higher in low-income neighborhoods now, with 35 percent of residents saying they felt insecurity about having enough food or money to buy food, which is 3 percentage points less than in 2012. Just 12 percent of people in Connecticut have food insecurity, while 22 percent of the entire city has it. The survey found 50 percent of the Latino residents in the six low-income neighborhoods are food insecure. The city’s reported asthma rate among the six neighborhoods is 23 percent, according to the study, while the state’s rate is 14 percent."

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