[Excerpt from article by Rich Kirby]

DANBURY, CT – Local data from the 2018 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey shows Danbury residents in good health and satisfied with their community. [....]

The findings conclude that Danbury generally aligns with the rest of the state regarding health and wellness. Out of those surveyed, 91 percent of Danbury residents defined their health as good, very good or excellent, 6 percent higher than the statewide answer.

The study also asked questions regarding community life. Out of those surveyed 83 percent of Danbury residents said that they were satisfied with the city/area they live in. The average satisfaction rate for the state was 81 percent.

Danbury residents also answered overwhelmingly in favor of the job done by the police to keep residents safe, Danbury as a place to raise children, and their trust in their neighbors and neighborhood. The survey also garnered positive feedback regarding public parks and the responsiveness of local government answering to the needs of residents.

One data point where the Danbury experience differed from the information compiled for its more bucolic neighbors was in the area of amenities such as sidewalks and bike paths. Sixty percent of non-Danbury residents indicated they either "strongly agreed" or "somewhat agreed" with the statement, "There are safe sidewalks and crosswalks on most of the streets in my neighborhood." Only 43 percent of Danbury residents could make the same claim. Sixty-two percent of the state responders were happy with their burg's bike paths and trails, and only 41 percent of Hat City denizens were content with their town's accommodations for two-wheeled travel.

DataHaven and the Siena College Research Institute developed this survey with input gathered by DataHaven from 125 advisory council members, including 90 public and private funders and researchers from universities, public health departments, and other non-profit organizations.