Authored By

Kelly Davila, Camille Seaberry (DataHaven)


December 12, 2023


Wallingford Health Department

The Wallingford Health Department (WHD) serves the town of Wallingford, Connecticut. This community health assessment, created by DataHaven in partnership with WHD and published in December 2023, is designed to help partners and residents better understand the status of health—physical, mental, and environmental—in the Wallingford community. 

More information is available at the Wallingford Health Department website

In addition to the main report, a supplement is available that summarizes convenience sample data that was not used in the main report. Unlike other data used in the main report (e.g., data from the U.S. Census Bureau, DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, Connecticut State Department of Public Health, etc.), it is important to note that these convenience sample results are not designed to be representative of the entire population. The supplement is available here: